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Help With Year End Processing...

Update Payroll Taxes, Unemployment, and Social Security Rates for 2019  (NOTE:  Perform these steps AFTER processing your last payroll for 2018 and BEFORE processing your first payroll for 2019)

2019 IRS Publication 15 (Circular E)  This is the Employers Tax Guide for 2019 that is distributed by the IRS.  This document was downloaded from the website and made available here as a convenience to our customers.

W-2 Reporting - Employer Provided Health  This document describes the Affordable Care Act requirement for certain employers to report costs for employee provided health insurance, and details what type of employers must comply.

Additional Medicare Tax for Certain Employees  This link redirects to the IRS page that details requirements employers have deduct an additional Medicare tax for employees who have gross earnings over specified thresholds ($250,000 filing married or $200,000 filing single).  If you have qualified employees contact FLI for instructions to withhold the additional tax for them.

Printing W-2's and 1099's (NOTE: W-2's can be printed before or after closing December Payroll; however, 1099's must be printed BEFORE closing December Accounts Payable)

Creating Bonus Checks This document describes how to create bonus checks that may not be subject to all payroll tax withholding.

Year End Tips  This document contains tips and considerations for 2007 year-end processing that remain useful for 2018.

Affordable Care Act W2 Reporting Questions and Answers  This is a Q&A document provided by the IRS to help clarify how the ACA has changed W2 reporting for some employers.  This document was downloaded from the IRS website and made available here as a convenience to our customers.

Additional Assistance with Year-End Processing

The documents listed above should provide you with sufficient information to perform you year-end processing without needing to seek personal assistance from us.  Detailed information about individual year-end processes can be found in the Help System within BusinessWorks, with the most pertinent information appearing in the "Payroll Contents" and "Maintain Forms" sections.  

We will gladly answer any simple questions you have regarding year-end processing, free-of-charge.  However, if you do not have a valid support agreement and request personalized consulting to assist you through year-end processing, customizing forms, adjusting year-to-date balances, or any other topic that requires more than 15 minutes of our time, we will bill you at a rate of $20.00 for every 15 minutes spent assisting you ($80.00/hr).

You should contact your accountant or tax advisor for any issues you encounter that are not directly related to the BusinessWorks Accounting software.

If you call for support and are directed to voice mail, please leave a detailed message about what you need, and let us know if you will be available for a return call after normal working hours:  We will return messages as quickly as possible, but the volume of support at that time may require that we call after 5:00pm or the next day.

If possible, please email your detailed support requests to  Depending upon your issue we may be able to reply to an email while assisting others on the phone, speeding the time it takes to provide you the resolution.  We can also reply to emails after normal working hours, preventing you from having to stay longer waiting for our return call.

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