Fuel Tax Rates

for 1st Quarter, 2024

IFTA Fuel Tax Rate updates are only available to customers who have subscribed to an annual support plan.  Please send an email to info-at-flisupport.com if you want to purchase or extend your support plan.

If you do not have a current subscription to a support plan, you will need to manually enter tax rates and surcharges for each state before processing your quarterly return.


CLICK HERE to download your fuel tax rates. 


DISCLAIMER: The Fuel Tax Rates in this file were obtained from International Fuel Tax Association, Inc. (IFTA Inc), and are assumed to be accurate and correct. FLI does not obtain or distribute tax rates until IFTA Inc identifies the tax rate matrices as "Final" rates for the quarter. This file is usually made available on the 3rd or 4th day of the month following a quarter-year end. Waiting until the quarter has ended gives all Member Jurisdictions ample time to update their rates with changes that may have occurred during the quarter, and provides a high degree of confidence in the accuracy of the rates. Neither FLI nor IFTA Inc alters or independently confirms the rates provided by Member Jurisdictions. Though extremely unlikely, there always remains a possibility that Member Jurisdiction(s) did not report their correct and final rates to IFTA Inc. For this reason, FLI assumes NO responsibility for inaccurate, incorrect, or omitted rates. Before filing your quarterly IFTA return, please verify the tax rates are correct.







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