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Fuel / Mileage PROGRAM UPGRADE Questions:


IFTA Tax Rate Update Questions:




How do I check what version I'm currently using?

  • Your current version is displayed on your FLI Login screen after you select a company, or can also be viewed by navigating to Help > About

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Do I need an Upgrade?

  • If you are using FLI Version 4.6.43 or higher, you have the most recent changes for Fuel / Mileage forms and calculations; however, you may be interested in new features or enhancements that have been introduced in more recent versions.

  • If you are using Version 4.6.42 or older, you do not have the new Fuel / Mileage forms and calculations, and your IFTA Quarterly Return could be incorrectly calculating your tax liability.

  • FLI will not support Fuel / Mileage versions older than 4.6.43, and will not guarantee calculation accuracies in these older versions.

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What does the Upgrade include?

  • If you are only using the Fuel / Mileage module, features you would be most interested in include:

    • Revised IFTA Tax Return calculation methods

    • Ability to track fuel/mileage on units not included on your IFTA Return

    • Revised Trip Sheet and Fuel Purchase screens

    • Additional Fuel / Mileage reports

  • If you are using other FLI modules in addition to Fuel / Mileage, you will also get a variety of new features that have been added to the program.  

  • CLICK HERE to download a copy of our Release Notes.

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How much does an Upgrade cost?

  • Click HERE to view Upgrade Prices

  • We will send you an invoice when we mail the upgrade to you.

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Why do you charge for an Upgrade?

  • We invest significant time, effort, and expense to modify and enhance our software products.  Without receiving compensation for our services, we simply would not be able to remain in business!

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How will I receive the upgrade?

  • After placing your order, the upgrade will be mailed to you on a CD.  The package you receive will contain step-by-step installation instructions, along with an invoice for the upgrade.

  • To order the upgrade, call or send us an email requesting the upgrade.  You may also need to provide your address information if your current mailing address is different than what we have on file.

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How do I install the upgrade?

  • We will include easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation instructions with the package sent to you.

  • If you have any questions or have any problems installing the upgrade, give us a call and we will assist you with the installation.

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How do I download and install my Tax Rate Update?

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Why didn't I receive my Login Information?

  • After entering your company name and email address and then clicking the Submit Request button, your login information will automatically appear on the next page displayed.  The page also serves as your invoice, so you might want to use your Print button to print a copy for your records.  If you missed this information, simply submit another request.   

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How much does the Tax Rate Update cost?

  • We charge $10.00 per quarter for our tax rate update service when you download rates from our website

  • Tax rate updates are provided at reduced rates to customers with pre-paid support agreements 

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Why do you charge for the Tax Rate Update?

  • We invest time, effort, and expense to create the tax rate update file; providing you a time-saving benefit.  Without receiving compensation for our services, we simply would not be able to continue providing this service for you.

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Can I make one payment to cover a full year of updates?

  • You may purchase a prepaid subscription service for $32.00 per year.  You will receive a login information that allows you to download tax rates for the remainder of your prepaid period using the same username/password.

  • Contact FLI Support to learn more about our prepaid service plans

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What if I don't pay for the update, will you send an invoice?

  • Our $10.00 per quarter fee does not allow us to assume the extra expense associated with mailing hard copy invoices.  The confirmation page that contains your UserID and Password also serve as your invoice.

  • We will mail invoices when payment is not received, or upon request.  We charge a $4.00 processing fee for mailed invoices. 

  • Nonpayment of the tax rate update fee may result in disallowing future downloads until the past fees are paid.

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Can I update my rates without using your service?

  • Absolutely!  Go to Fuel > Fuel Tax Rates and use the New button to enter tax rates for a new quarter.  Or, you could use the Copy Rates feature to copy rates from a prior quarter, and then change any rates that are different than the previous quarter.

  • If you manually maintain rates, you are responsible for entering correct rates (regular and surcharge).  

  • FLI internally tracks how the rates were entered, providing a history of whether rates were imported or manually maintained.  This avoids any controversy of how an inaccurate rate was introduced to the system.

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What if I don't have an Internet connection?

  • At first, this seemed like a strange question - if you don't have Internet access, how would you know about this service, or read this answer?  Then we discovered that the person asking doesn't have Internet access on the computer they use for FLI, but does have Internet access from another computer.

  • If you don't have an Internet connection at the computer where FLI was installed, you have 2 options for obtaining the tax rate update:

    • You can use a different computer to download the tax rate update, copy the downloaded file to a diskette, CD, USB flash drive, or some other form of removable media, and then take it to your other computer and import from the removable media

    • We will mail you the tax rate update file on your choice of 3-1/2 diskette or CD.  We charge $25.00 per quarter for this service.

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